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Coupe C49

"Tiara Yachts takes the Coupe series to a new level of luxury and performance with the all new C 49. Tiara Yachts’ first Coupe defined a new evolution in design with the introduction of the C 50 in September 2015. Since its introduction, Tiara Yachts has introduced a C 39, C 44 and C 53 all in the spirit of timeless classic Tiara styling and performance, backed by Volvo Penta’s IPS drive system providing an unparalleled experience in enjoyment on the water. ..."

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Sea Ray

L 650

"Luxury is more than the sum of above-average parts coming together as a whole. Luxury is an elevated experience so individually tailored it changes you, it inspires you, and there is nothing more inspirational than the Sea Ray L-Class. The L650 is style and substance informing each other for the greater good of both. It is luxury built to move you while delivering the heritage and excellence that is Sea Ray in a new class of unparalleled experiences. ..."

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Ocean King

Naucrates 130

"The new 130ft comes from the evolution of its predecessor, the Naucrates 88, which incorporates some features and stylistic features, developed on a larger scale to meet the needs of customers who are looking for a new means to explore the seas and oceans of the world . Built in steel with aluminum superstructure, certified with the most rigorous construction and safety standards, the Naucrates 130 can face in absolute tranquility every sea condition. Thanks to its beam ex..."