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Chris Craft

Corsair 34

"This beautiful cruiser is as well-suited for overnight excursions as it is for quick turns around the bay. The deep-V hull provides stability and agile performance in virtually all conditions. Fully equipped accommodations include a forward cabin with double sleeping area, galley kitchen, and a separate bathroom with enclosed head, sink and storage. With easy maneuverability and quick acceleration, the Corsair 34 carries up to 12 in elegant style.The spectacular private cabin is bright and open,..."

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Ocea Nemo

50 ICE

"OCEA NEMO 50 ICE, A YACHT BORN TO MAKE A DREAM COME TRUE  Conceived with discerning owners in mind, the NEMO 50 ICE megayacht is a new, ambitious project that French Shipyard OCEA is developing in conjunction with its partners Aldo Manna, the head of the “OCEA MEDITERRANEAN OFFICE” that Ocea has opened just a few months ago in Italy, and designer Fulvio de Simoni. As a matter of fact, the NEMO 50 ICE is intended for people who have a big dream and are unwilling to compromise ..."

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NC 37

"NC: AN ELEGANT, INVITING FAMILY BOAT.  Faithful to the strategic vision, Jeanneau continues to draw on its savoir-faire a  NC : A PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE.  A central focus of Jeanneau for the 2019 season: the NC line.  Above all, the concept of the NC line is life lived on one level. Movement about the boat is easy, inviting and safe.  Ergonomic design, a fluid layout and comfort on board perfectly characterise the spirit of these models, from 9 to 14 metres. T..."